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Superior ruggedised video camera solutions, built up to system integrator level
fixed camera packages

for special environments that demand non-standard enclosures, using any camera and lens combination

PTZ camera packages

for demanding environments that require compact Pan-Tilt-Zoom capabilities with multi camera and multi illuminator options

built-to-order and specials

for special situations and requirements, where standard solutions just do not meet the needs or specifications

The most robust camera & video surveillance solutions in the world - made in Europe

 –  focus on demanding conditions such as oil & gas, transportation,                 infrastructure, maritime, military and heavy industry

 –  customised ruggedised solutions based on modular standard products

 –  independent of camera, lens or software producer

 –  quality camera and video surveillance solutions, engineered and                   produced in Netherlands and UK

 –  Akkadia supplied camera packages have an unsurpassed 10-year factory      warranty

 –  operates perfectly in temperatures from -70℃ to +70℃

 –  favoured by the customers seeking the best  solutions for the most               demanding conditions

 –  many references; awarded the three most prestigious tunnel projects in       Netherlands in the last couple of years

 –  outstanding track record from solving the most difficult and complex           challenges for military, police, heavy industry, oil & gas, transportation         and maritime clients all around the world

 –  unique high-value quality position in the market

Osiris long range PTZ camera

Wide range of ruggedised camera & video surveillance solutions for all cases 

We are known in the industry as the answer to any unsolved problem

Rapier PTZ camera with quad configuration 

Producing and assembling our own products and solutions, specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirement, is one of the things we do very well. Our knowledge gives us also the ability to design a preliminary solutions and then make a prototype to get customer feedback, before we create a final solution or a total integrated system, all within a very short period of time. The average development time for a solution is about 6 weeks, including prototyping!

All our designs are fit for purpose and famous for their ruggedness

AK300 fixed camera housing  

The overall quality and long life of our products reduce the Total Cost of Ownership & Utilisation (TCO/U) to a very low level! Akkadia supplied camera packages are delivered with a 10 years factory warranty; ie camera plus enclosure (subject to approved camera). You don’t need expert installers as the camera packages can be delivered completely assembled and fully QA tested. Because of this, installation time will be reduced to an absolute minimum, which is also a cost saving aspect.

Most of the systems we’ve built were modular based on years of experience

Sabre explosion-proof PTZ camera

Many years ago, we started to build our experience and knowledge supporting customers in the field plus handling their problems as if they were our own. This gave us an incomparable level of knowledge and therefore a rather unique position in the industry. We have an experienced engineering team, own in-house R&D and advanced local assembly and manufacturing with full quality control, all of which guarantee that we offer you the highest quality. 

Case study:    900+ camera packages Netherlands road tunnels

"The tunnel camera packages have an exceptional durability and are specifically designed for tunnel applications"

Aker 1000 PTZ ceiling mount camera

Akkadia has delivered the camera packages for the three longest tunnels in the Netherlands. The Velser tunnel is the oldest motorway-tunnel in Netherlands.


The Velser tunnel is located 25km north-west of Amsterdam. The Coen tunnel was an old tunnel in the Amsterdam Orbital but due to the growth of traffic density, the project was extended with an extra tunnel. The Coen tunnel is famous for its extremely high standards of tunnel safety and has become a model for future tunnels. 


The Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel is located in Maastricht, in the south of Netherlands. This project consists in total of four tunnels each with a length of 2.3km. Two tunnels are used for the city of Maastricht and underneath these, another two tunnels lead the A2 motorway under the city of Maastricht.


Akkadia has delivered over 900 camera packages for these three tunnel projects which also includes the cameras for the approach roads to the tunnels.

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