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  Ruggedised camera and surveillance solutions for demanding, extreme and critical  conditions 

We solve your challenges with our solutions

Always at the leading egde by leveraging our decades of experience

What challenges do you have?

  • potentially dangerous situations or strong external forces (eg abrasion, fire, explosion, etc)

  • demanding or extreme conditions (eg temperature, humidity, dust, smog, etc)

  • high installation cost or time, either mounting, positioning or electrical connection

  • expensive or difficult repairs either because of replacement item cost or time taken

  • high maintenance cost or time, including cleaning

  • prolonged design and engineering time due to non-modular or non-standard products

  • high insurance or legal pay-out costs because of lack of visual evidence

  • downtime on mission, business or operations critical systems

How does Akkadia solve these?

  • ruggedised enclosures including special quartz lens cover to decrease costs and time for maintenance and cleaning

  • rigorous testing and in-house R&D facility ensure the best quality and speedy adaption of new solutions

  • marine grade stainless steel and hard anodised aluminium enclosures

  • special seals to protect against extreme conditions or potentially dangerous situations

  • specially designed brackets and fixtures to minimise time and costs for mounting and positioning

  • single umbilical PoE++ connector to diminish time and costs for electrical connection

  • modular design and production to reduce costs and times of replacement items for repairs 

  • standard products to reduce time for design and engineering of similar projects

  • holistic approach to quality order to increase availability and uptime of mission, business or operations critical systems

Why choose Akkadia?

  • outstanding track record for solving the most difficult and complex challenges all around the world

  • ideal for military, police, heavy industry, oil & gas, transportation, maritime 

  • bespoke ruggedised solutions based on modular standard products

  • independent of camera, lens or software manufacturer

  • quality camera and video surveillance systems and solutions engineered and CNC produced in Netherlands and UK

  • comes with a ten-year factory warranty 

  • operates perfectly in temperatures from -70°c to +70°c

  • favoured by customers seeking the best solutions for demanding conditions

Our solutions offer:

  • minimal Total Cost of Ownership & Utilisation (TCO/U)

  • complete selection of standard enclosures and camera packages including fixed, PTZ, multi-pod PTZ

  • wide variety of special purpose, custom or built-to-order enclosures, camera packages and equipment enclosures

  • Ex and Fx camera packages

  • IP55 to IP69k

  • nanotechnology surface coating

  • marine grade A316Ti stainless steel and hard anodised aluminium enclosures 

  • almost maintenance free 

  • special seals to avoid very fine dust  

  • protected against static electricity

  • PoE++ splitters

  • optically corrected, precision-tempered industrial glass 

  • simple and quick replacement

  • photonics, as main focus for all solutions

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