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Akkadia Rapier - multi pod PTZ camera

Multi-pod PTZ camera and  multi-pod illuminator          

  • visible spectrum                      

  • thermal          

  • thermographic

  • ANPR

  • white illuminator

  • infrared illuminator 

  • 8 or 16 LED


Many configuration options for you to choose from

  • single side pod

  • dual side pods, one each side

  • quad side pods, two each side

  • pods can be of varying sizes dependent on internal equipment integration

  • IP68 / IP69

  • IR or visible light illuminators

  • multi camera and light configurations


- all components machined; no castings used

- aluminium parts are made from 6082, hard anodised

- high grade stainless steel parts from A316Ti

- fully IP68 / IP69 compliant

- high resolution absolute position resolvers

- supports software upgrade whilst installed

- 31 way connector allowing simultaneous dual video output

- telemetry present and correct monitor in power pack

- dual voltage input standard

- static and limited lighting protection built in

- easy user connection

- pods can be machined in various sizes to fit user sensors

- all cables are PTFE insulated

- front glass protrudes front face by 1mm, 

wiper arm and silicon rubber blade are a non-suspended design

- lens screen washer-drive available as option

- On Screen Display (OSD) for all camera parameters and set up


The AK300 series fixed camera enclosure is made from marine grade stainless steel A316 Ti and hard-anodized aluminium. The enclosure is available with both wall mount and ceiling mount brackets.

The benefits of this enclosure, next to its long life cycle, is its compact size and robustness, so it is therefore very suitable for harsh environments such as offshore (IP68 + IP69K), explosion proof (GD EExd IIC T6 + SCS No. Ex 99ATEX1162) and road / rail tunnel applications (DNV approved).

The camera enclosure window is a special industrial optical corrected precision fused quartz glass front, coated with a nanotechnology.

Besides the fact the enclosure can be panned and tilted on the swivel, it can also rotate (+/- 45°) in its own bracket for exact horizontal alignment. 

Seshat Autonomous Camera

The Seshat Autonomous Camera is manufactured out of marine graded stainless steel A316-L, IP68 rated and therefore suited for almost any application.

The camera is provided with an on-board miniature PC to connect the day-night IP camera. PC looks after local storage of camera picture for about 30 days. The camera is provided with sophisticated scene analyses software for real-time detection based on motion / non-motion technique.

The camera is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack will be recharged with a solar panel build in an (optional) extra sunroof and a small wind turbine.

The camera is provided with a build-in modem to connect to a mobile telephone network.

The end-user interface allows the end-user to analyze the footage remotely by simply pulling up a search window anywhere.


Suitable for rapid deployment kit or remote locations. 

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